i am refrakted
I am a prism through which image becomes design which becomes the message.
My unique understanding of layout and design has been infused with a skewed (yes, refrakted) view of the graphic and web industries, resulting in work that is functional, beautiful, yet somehow not-quite-familiar.
Over 25 years of graphic and web marketing experience, specializing in design that swims in color, movement and takes advantage of every opportunity for eye candy.
My career in inbound marketing uses a holistic approach, allowing me to provide concept and content - both writing and editing; creating the visual assets; coding the webpages; building the email marketing; forking to social media; and sometimes seeing the campaign into print. Beyond that, I know how to analyze data before and capture it after, utilizing it to make the next campaign more successful.
I've worked in the e-commerce arena as well multiple small businesses that sold myriad products and servicesI can manage your design dept., lead a creative project, tutor other employees, lend myself out as a "the graphic go-to guy" and manage all assets, all while maintaining project coordination to make sure benchmarks and deadlines are met with style and grace.
Not only can I create your brand, but I will maintain its power across all media. My time in the graphic design world has also made me a patient but resolute mentor to younger designers. Beyond that, I'm a decent photographer with years of Photoshop production skills under my belt, so I can curate a massive gallery or perform some digital restoration when things have gone horribly wrong.​​​​​​​
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