Refakted Digital Art and Design

Welcome to the Portfolio of Darryl Claps

I've worked as a graphic and web designer for 25 years, specializing in design that swims in color, movement and takes every opportunity for eye candy. I've been both a team asset and a one-man show, covering the full spectrum of the design process with calm attention to detail.

Digital art and graphic design: all the big concepts as well as little pieces of original art: from branding to UI elements. I'm a photographer with years of Photoshop skills, so I can curate a massive gallery or perform digital restoration when things have gone horribly wrong.

Your print work: brochures, direct mail, ads & maps. And I can talk to whoever does your printing. I handle both the everyday tasks as well as small details: I am my own production monkey.

Your online presence: I'm a front-end designer, so I can design your sites, arrange the architecture, mark-up the CSS and build it with HTML5. What I am not is a programmer. (I can utilize the best jQuery and Javascript, but I won't write it.) I can code your html email and put together a Wordpress site for you to takeover. I believe all websites should look good on desktop, tablet and mobile; I also believe content is the single most important part of any project.

Want some multimedia with that? I can create an animated banner, edit your video footage and even provide some motion graphics and audio editing.

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